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PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Diver


Certification will allow divers to rent and dive with Enriched Air filled cylinders (Up to 40% oxygen) as an alternative to a compressed air cylinder.


(1) can also be credited for the Master scuba Diver program

(2) is a pre-requisite for PADI TEC Course


  • Open Water Diver

In this course, you will go through:

  • Composition of enriched air


  • Dive medicine for enriched air usage


  • Dive planning


  • Pre-dive oxygen composition sampling


  • Handling enriched air cylinders pre and post dives

Graduates will receive a PADI Enriched Air Specialty Diver e-card.


Course Module:

  • Theory

  • Classroom practical



  • Estimated 1 night

  • Days are flexible and will be discussed based on participants availability



  • $198 (All in until you are certified)

  • Or $378 (Includes 2 sea dives with 1 x Enriched Air cylinder per participant)

Contact us for a coffee meet up or if you just want to find out more. We won't pressure you. Our promise.

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