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Welcome to Turtle Buddy Divers

Explore Local . Dive Fun . Learn Well

At Turtle Buddy Divers, we believe that everyone deserves to learn diving and learn it well. Whether it’s honing an existing skill or diving into something new, our friendly experts can help you acquire the knowledge you’re looking for.

We prefer to dive local our local waters so that our students are able to plan their dives according to their schedule, not ours. Do it in a few days or spread the course duration as long as you want. We will be patient. Your learning matters.

And best of all, we use our own boat and we keep our groups small; like private kind of small. When we don't have divers to teach, we go on search for new dive sites so that our divers always get something new.

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Our Core Courses

Choose from our range of PADI courses available.

All our courses conform to the standards as outlined by the PADI 


Your Journey Begins

18m underwater. Calm. Quiet. Fishes. Corals. Lovely!

Always wanted to be a diver, this is it. We go through the basics of all recreational dive knowledge and skills that will keep you safe in the underwater dimension. Your next holiday trip will be so much more exciting when you can add diving into the itinerary and rent scuba gears.

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The next level of divers

Better your buoyancy skills. Find a gear dropped underwater. Navigate back to line mooring line. Go deeper to 30m. Watch the sea creatures come alive at night. And many more...

The restrictions of your Open Water (Basic) certification are now lifted. You are now really free. Exciting.

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Caring for others and yourself

You are constantly on the lookout for potential signs of danger. You are ready for accidents and emergencies. You are ready.

Even if you do not intend to go Pro, these skills will make you a better diver all around. 

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Learning to lead. Be a PADI Pro

Cool. Calm. Caring. Aware. Excellent dive skills. Top level dive knowledge. Role model to every certified diver. Divers hold you in high regards. Instructors find planning and dives difficult without you.

These are the traits of a PADI Divemaster. 

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Essential life skills even if you don't dive

An elderly in your house. A choking child. A road accident. Don't just stand stand there. You can help.

Be equipped with necessary First Aid, CPR and AED skills that will give you the power to help other instead of just watching helplessly.

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The most essential equipment on dive boats. 

You have seen the cylinder on boats before. You know its important. You know it contains emergency oxygen. But do you know how to operate it if you are the last person or only person on board?

Be that critical additional help during emergencies. Even if the pros are there, your knowledge of administering oxygen saves valuable time.

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Scuba Divers

Finding your way everytime

Divers always wonder. "How did the Instructor or Divemaster manage to find the mooring line back every single dive?"

Master the use of the compass. Use natural references and environment to navigate your way around building your dive confidence at the same time.

Click on the course title above to find out more.

Stay neutrally buoyant just like a fish would

Keeping to that perfect position still while attempting the perfect macro shot of the nudibranch. Hover at the safety stop effortlessly. Adjust your trim to penetrate that wreck. Or simply, stop yourself from floating to the surface.

One of the most under-rated yet essential dive skill ever. Master it.

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Find that lost item. Surface it.

Dropped fins. Snapped anchor. What others lost to the sea, you can find it. You are equipped with the skills to recover missing objects. Big or small. Heavy or light.

You are the trusted one. 

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Stay below longer. Understand your air better

Not enough bottom time? Need quicker  surface interval to save that precious holiday time? Enriched Air (Nitrox) is the answer.

Besides, those green-yellow labelled tanks always looked cooler that the rest!

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Let's see what is in that ship

The engine room. The bridge.

Why explore the boat or ship from the outside when you can get in? Set up your line, Fine-tune that buoyancy. Adjust the trim. Enter.

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PADI Discover Scuba Diving

Fastest route to enjoy a dive

No time to do the Open Water Course? Afraid of the sea? Don't need the certificate? Always wanted to know how breathing underwater feels like. This is the quickest way to experience the feeling of diving.

Upgrade to a PADI Open Water certification if you decide to be like the rest.

Click on the course title above to find out more.


Nobody questions a Master Scuba Diver

Walk into a dive shop, show your PADI Master Scuba Diver card and the PADI Pro at the shop will most probably lay a red carpet for you to the boat. Because they know you know your stuff. They know you can keep yourself safe. Because you are a PADI Master Scuba Diver!

Click on the course title above to find out more.

Start early

Can't wait that 1-2 years to learn diving, we make sure they still get that chance to learn the basics of SCUBA diving in the safety of the pool.

Equipment assembly, safety in the water, equipment functions, procedures and most importantly, fun and games.

Click on the course title above to find out more.

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Under the Sea


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Get in Touch

We would love to meet up for coffee to discuss on any PADI dive courses.... even if you don't intend to dive with us!

We love our dive talks.

21 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore 828749

Monday to Sunday 9am to 10pm

+65 91901831

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