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Our Team

Here at Turtle Buddy Divers, we train our team members to have fun but more importantly, still in tune with the PADI standards. All our team members are also trained to adopt the Green Fins philosophy. What can you say... We love the sea too much!

Our Team: Image

Rashina Campos

aka "Nina"

General Manager

Nina is your friendly PADI Assistant Instructor who will make sure that your dive with Turtle Buddy Divers be a comfortable one. She handles the day to day affairs of Turtle Buddy Divers. 

"When you think you have seen the world, you have only seen 30% of it" ~ Nina

Raihan Omar

aka "Raihando"

Resident Instructor

Raihando is our resident instructor. He is a PADI Master Instructor and also teaches swimming for free during his free time. He enjoys nothing more than students who leave with a big smile.

"Wait till you see what is down there, you just might abandon what's up above" ~ Raihando


aka "Gentle giant"

Administrative Executive

"Gentle Giant" Dwayne is a PADI Divemaster who runs the administrative side of Turtle Buddy Divers. He also runs his own tattoo shop.

"Don't waste time worrying. Your time is better spent diving instead" ~ Gentle Giant

Shaun Soh

aka "Gigolo"

Dive Guide

"The gigolo" Shaun is our PADI Divemaster who aims to do whatever it takes to ensure that the divers enjoys their time at sea.... Hence the nickname.​

"Come come. I give you good time" ~ The Gigolo

Our Team: Team


aka "Towkay"

Instructor Assistant

"Boss" Alvin is a PADI Assistant Instructor who loves teaching new divers and exploring diving options. He also runs his own Suits Parlour.

"Your safety is my job. Your diving experience is my life" ~ Towkay

John Tan

aka "Roti"

Dive guide

Roti John is a PADI Divemaster who specialises in technicalities of diving equipment. He loves engineering and it shows when he is on the boat.

"Diving gives me a chance to meet more people of the same environment interest" ~ Roti John


aka "Rock"

Dive guide

"Rock" Joel is a PADI Divemaster who prefers to guide divers one-on-one for a more personal and fulfilling experience. 

"You think you know the world? Really. Come follow me" ~ Rock

John Chye

aka "Chef"

Dive Guide

"Chef" John Chye is our PADI Divemaster who loves exploring new underwater sites. The lesser a place is dived, the better. John Chye is also a professional Chef.

"The ocean is too big to dive at the same spot twice" ~ Chef

Our Team: Team
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